AVfusion Network-Based Audio Video Recording Solution

Record...Search...Playback in Pure HD Quality

AVfusion® is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use network-based audio/video recording system designed to generate frame-by-frame synchronized AV recordings. Set up your cameras to record in whatever location you desire – interview rooms, treatment or testing sites, auditoriums, classrooms  and the AV recording is transmitted over the network to a central recording location. Recording is as simple as clicking a button, and recorded files can be shared and viewed using standard multimedia players.

Say Goodbye to Old Technology

Use AVfusion to replace antiquated VHS, DVD or DVR technology. This easy-to-use product allows users to quickly launch sessions, catalog them with data, search and retrieve recordings, all from any secure desktop running AVfusion software.

AVfusion is currently deployed in police interrogation applications in the US and Canada. Officers can remotely view interviews and interrogations live, over the network, and files are stored on a secure server rather than on removable media. A searchable library of files makes it easy to find specific video clips.

Enhance and Reinforce Learning with Recorded HD Video

For Higher Education, there are endless applications for AVfusion. The interface has been specifically designed with educators in mind, and the system can be maintained with minimal support from the school's IT administrative staff. Use AVfusion for:

  • Recording student presentations and simulations, allowing both teachers and students to assess areas of strength and weakness
  • Record class lectures or shorter tutorial sessions to allow students to repeatedly review and study important concepts, or attend class "on demand"
  • Use video to document student performance on oral or clinical exams, and to substantiate assigned grades

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