Interactive Podiums

From The Classroom to The Boardroom, Take Control of Your Presentations!

Leverage the benefits of a complete A/V presentation solution boasting built-in multimedia capabilities. With the simple touch of a button, seamlessly control all devices connected to the podium, from LCD projectors to video screens, laptops,  PCs, cameras, music sources, and more. 

Key Benefits

  • Designed for Intuitive, Ease-Of-Use

  • Interactive Podiums Put You in Charge of Your Presentations 

  • Limit Your Reliance on an A/V  Support Team 

  • Centralized Controls Reduce the Likelihood of AV Mishaps

  • Make Your Presentations for Effective and More Powerful

An All-in-One Power Source for Ultimate Convenience

Complete With Rack Storage!

Interactive podiums can centrally store all it components and accessories such as an LCD Tablet Monitor and integrated controller in a Rack Type storage device.  Monitor screen height is auto adjustable at the flick of a switch.

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