Public Address Systems

Keep Your Environment Safe with Mass Notification Capability


The ability to communicate with people in your school or organization is critically important, especially in emergency situations. Public address systems help keep your environment safe with Mass Notification capability in real time. You can also create live, ad-hoc or pre-recorded audio broadcasts for planned event notification and administer broadcasts via a secure Web interface or IP phone. 

Ensure Communication and Safety, Especially During Emergencies 

Particularly Beneficial in School Environments

Choose from a wide range of speakers, telephones, and call switches to suit specific school needs. And, administrators have several options to address the needs of the main office and other administration areas, including display telephones, VoIP (SIP) phones, wall displays and room speakers.


  • Unlimited Bell Schedules 
  • Unlimited Time Events 

  • Emergency Tones

  • Automatic Volume Increase for Emergency Paging

  • Live or Pre-recorded Audio Messages

  • Hands-free Talkback in Classrooms 


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