Telepresence Robots

Now You Can Be in Two Places at Once!

Controlled by an easy-to-use browser based interface, these robots allow users to go anywhere remotely! Using a rechargeable battery and Wi-Fi connection, the robot transports the user, sitting in front of their computer Web cam, to the remote location. The robot sits in for them, and can also be driven around a location by the user via their mouse or keypad. 

Key Benefits

  • With telepresence technology, you can be "there" from anywhere
  • Students can attend school remotely when physical attendance isn't possible
  • Healthcare specialists can provide care and consultations
  • Corporate conferences and meetings can bring together employees from around the world
  • Tour facilities and supervise operations from a remote location
  • Superior solution to Skype, allowing users to control their field of view and possess a physical presence when interacting with others
  • Save on travel costs


  • High quality audio/video communication with no latency
  • Allows user to move freely from location to location at a comfortable pace up to 2 mph
  • Mimics the physical presence of live person through a life-size face and five foot standing height
  • Easy to set up and maintain, Up to 8 hours of active battery life, with 24 hour standby
  • Robot can be easily “driven” onto its charging pad by its user
  • Seamlessly connects between different Wi-Fi connections as the robot moves between router coverage zones
  • Can move forward, backward and rotate 360o in place
  • Administration can control log- in access to students by assigning user credentials for limited dates and times
  • Operate using a browser-based interface from PCs using Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, or Mac OSX 10.6 or higher

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