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We Live in an Increasingly Wireless World.
We Can Help You Connect to It

The explosive use of mobile devices has made the need for fast, secure wireless connectivity non-negotiable. Well-designed wireless networks can provide all the security, control and reliability you expect from wired solutions, but with additional flexibility and easier access. Trust A+ to implement solutions that will meet today’s demands, with plenty of capacity to support your vision for tomorrow.


Unleash the Power of Wireless

Today’s wireless connections can be as powerful and robust as your wired network; the right backbone makes the difference. We offer 1 Gigabit wireless links – the fastest available – giving you the capacity to support widespread use of wireless devices throughout your facility or campus, including support for 1:1 initiatives. Our team of experienced IT professionals will work with you to assess current and future needs for bandwidth and access points, and then design a system guaranteed to deliver.

Easy and Cost-Effective

Wireless solutions require no cabling, making them faster to set up, easier to maintain and can save you in both installation and maintenance costs. They're also much more easily scalable. Need to add devices or expand an existing system? With wireless, there's no new cable runs or additional hardware required. Just click on your access point and you're up and running.


Think Beyond Laptops, Phones and Tablets

Powerful, secure, wireless connectivity can support a wide range of network devices, including security cameras and access control systems, A/V equipment, and even facility management solutions like lighting and temperature controls. 

And who better to turn to than A+? Our expertise in network based security and AV solutions means our IT system designers are technical wizards when it comes to making sure your wireless network supports these types of solutions seamlessly.


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