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LED Lighting Just Makes Sense, No Matter How You Look at It


It's true. LED Lighting makes sense financially, environmentally and aesthetically. And, there's no better place to turn than A+ Technology & Security –  for the most professional, comprehensive and intelligent support of your lighting needs. We perform all services, from site evaluation through the rebate process. Plus, we'll show you how to bring your lighting to the next level, with sensors, automation and management capabilities.

See how much LED lighting can save your business!

Anywhere and Everywhere

LED Lighting is the Smart Choice

As a "corporate citizen", there are few easier ways to make a statement about your commitment to creating a healthier workspace and a greener world. LED lighting can reduce your lighting energy consumption by up to 60% and significantly reduces material waste, as there are no bulbs or ballasts to replace. Consider it for both indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Whether you're considering new construction, build-outs or retrofits, we're here to work with you.

Go Green and Save Green

Begin Saving Now

LED lighting can save you money in so many ways. Generous incentives currently available from energy providers, as well as federal tax incentives, mean you can often recoup the cost of your investment in under two years! In addition, you'll save on A/C bills, as LED lighting is cool to the touch. Also ask us about how adding management controls can reduce costs further. Your savings will begin instantly and then continue to grow, year after year.

Ask us about our participation in various purchasing contracts. we make procurement easy and affordable.

Bring LED Lighting to the Next Level

There's more than just an on/off switch!

Get the full benefits of your LED lighting by making use of sensors, automation and management capabilities. Access your lighting controls and settings from anywhere, via a smartphone or web app. Automate your lighting to respond to movement, and levels of natural light. You can even integrate your lighting with other systems, such as security cameras, thermostats, intrusion and fire sensors.


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