LED Lighting for Corporate Campuses

Make Your Workplace a Showplace of Efficiency and Productivity

High-performance, energy-efficient LED lighting creates a more appealing environment that improves office morale -- all while lowering maintenance costs and energy usage. A huge range of options provide solutions designed to improve productivity inside, while creating a safer environment outside. Interested?



New Installs or Retrofits...We've Got You Covered

Compact, lightweight lighting designs accommodate recessed, surface mount and suspended mounting options, providing solutions for any retrofit application. Make LED lighting a key part of creating a sustainable workplace by swapping out fixtures in corridors, office spaces, common areas, warehouses and outdoor grounds.

You'll see savings immediately in reduced energy consumption, but reduced maintenance costs are equally significant. Once your LED lighting is in place, it should operate consistently for over ten years. Say goodbye to bulb replacements.

Let Your Building Dazzle, while the Stars Twinkle

Did you know that 30% of traditional outdoor lighting is wastefully directed skyward? LED Lighting can help eliminate light pollution, as light is more precisely managed and directed, eliminating light spill and glare. 

This means your building, grounds, walkways and parking areas are brighter and safer, while your community benefits from a blacker night sky. In fact, the uniform, white, shadow-free illumination improves nighttime visibility and makes the identification of activity much easier.

Plus, LED lighting will deliver over a 50% energy use reduction over high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures.

Programmable Lighting Brings Extra Savings

Simply making the switch to LED lighting will immediately reduce energy consumption, but those savings are amplified when lighting controls are used. For example, daylight harvesting takes into account natural daylight and adjusts the use of LED lighting accordingly. Lighting can also be programmed to respond to motion sensors, time of day, weekend or holiday hours, security alerts and other conditions. Smart lighting means smart savings.


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