LED Lighting for Healthcare

They're Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities trust LED lighting to provide bright, clean lighting while reducing energy expenses and eliminating toxic wastes inherent in flourescent and CFL bulbs. For treatment areas, offices, hallways, common space, grounds and parking garages, there are LED lighting options that make sense. Interested?



Tranquil Lighting Makes a Difference

Keep waiting patients and their loved ones more calm and comfortable with the right lighting. Studies show that moods are affected by lighting, and only LED lighting can be adjusted for color and brightness to provide maximum benefits. Give waiting areas a warm and calming glow, while eliminating glare for those reading or viewing screens. Healthy lighting makes a difference.

Give Your Facility a Healthy Diagnosis

Trust LED Lighting to deliver pure, bright white light, providing accurate color to assist in diagnosis and treatment. LED lighting. LED lighting also helps keep the environment healthy, by eliminating toxic mercury found in fluorescent and CFL bulbs.

Another benefit...LED luminaires can lasts over ten years without replacement, minimizing the need for of non-medical maintenance personnel within treatment areas. And lowering maintenance costs.

Superior treatment begins with superior lighting...LED lighting.

Keep Visitors Safe

Well lit parking structures and exterior grounds provide enhanced safety and security, and are often lit around the clock. Compared to metal halide lighting, which can require bulb replacement as often as twice a year, LED lighting requites minimal maintenance with no compromise in illumination performance. Keep employees, patients and visitors feeling confident in their safety, while you feel confident in your energy savings. 


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