Not Just Better...But Smarter Too!

The new generation of LED Lighting is changing the rules...with Power-Over-Ethernet. The same cable that transmits data over your network can now power and control your lighting system. This means easier installation, lower power draw, and a whole new level of integration and control options.


Power-over-Ethernet: One Cable Does It All!

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) has been around since 2003, applied to a range of network technologies. However, PoE for lighting has just arrived, and A+ Technology & Security is one of the first integrators offer it. Our years of experience installing other PoE solutions, including network security cameras and access control systems, make our team unusually qualified to service this new technology, and our expertise in "convergence" means you'll benefit from the full functionality that can only come from integrated network-based solutions.

Experience the Right Light – Day or Night

Smart LED lighting integrates with a wide range of sensors, and embedded intelligence and sophisticated algorithms provide precisely the right amount of light at the right time, based on changing conditions within the building. Adjustments are made gradually, and automatically, so that occupants of the building won't even notice. And, with vacancy detection, lighting will automatically dim or turn off when nobody is present. 

Add Lighting to Your Building Automation

Our smart lighting solutions are a developer's dream, with an open API that allows for integration with limitless applications. Connect to virtually, HVAC and more. Our lighting's built-in intelligence can allow you to automate a wide range of processes that support energy savings, safety and smart business operations. 


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