Active Lighting/Video Deterrents

Shine a Light on Intruders and Sound a Message Loud and Clear

Outdoor security solutions that combine lighting, IP video surveillance and wireless communication and media storage in one integrated system can prove to be extremely effective in preventing security incidents before they happen. They transition passive surveillance into active deterrents that deter crime in real time. 


Key Benefits

  • Intensely bright, motion-activated light will illuminate over the entire affected area, and a loud voiceover message is generated announcing to the trespasser that they are in a secured area

  • High-performance lighting enables greater accuracy and clarity in the recording of surveillance details sent to the Video Management System

  • Ideal for any outdoor area in need of security and surveillance, such as parking lots and public transit systems and walkways, critical infrastructure, government agencies, and more 

  • These deterrents allow security officers to use real-time video access to explain to a law enforcement dispatcher exactly what is happening on the  premises and prepare for a swift and appropriate response

Leverage Many Benefits in a Single, Integrated Unit 

So Much Security from a Single Source

Pre-recorded audio messages alert intruders they've been spotted in an unauthorized area. Flashing LED lights cause suspects to look up, allowing clear video recordings of their faces. These solutions can prevent crime and provides excellent after-the-fact forensic evidence for law enforcement. 

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