Help is on the Way

Emergency communication solutions like public address systems and emergency phone kiosks, complete with full diagnostic capabilities, help keep people safe wherever they are.  Ideal in myriad locations, including college campuses, hospitals, airports, corporate settings, and municipal areas, Emergency Communication Systems provide critical communication/response capabilities wherever needed.

Key Benefits

  • Alarms and announcements made over public address systems alert people of emergency situations indoors and outdoors, as needed
  • Emergency communication systems can direct people to safety and keep everyone throughout a facility apprised of up to the minute developments and security instructions
  • Weather-resistant outdoor phones provide added reliability and peace of mind in harsh conditions

Need Help?

Just Pick Up the Phone

Emergency phones and public address systems allow two-way communication betweeen anyone in need of help and those who can provide it.  Every function, from the audio speaker to the keypad, to the button that is pushed, is interactive and facilitates an effective response.

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