Emergency Preparedness Makes All The Difference

The Right Technology Can Prepare You for Emergencies

Taking proactive steps to update your workplace with the right technology can mean all the difference in how well your employees are equipped to respond in emergency situations. This includes having the ability to summon help, communicate with law enforcement and others on the scene, monitor the situation, account for employee whereabouts, and perhaps even limit access to your facility in the first place.


Panic Buttons

Pendant and Mobile Apps Can Come to the Rescue

A mobile panic alarm can make all the difference in an emergency situation. As soon as the user presses their personal alarm, their name, photo and real-time location is shared the appropriate security responders, all via Wi-Fi technology. Some solutions even allow members of the same account to covertly communicate with each, providing warnings and safety instructions.

Access Control

Keep Unwanted Individuals Out and Keep Track of Who's In

Access control plays a critical role, both in reducing the likelihood that former disgruntled employees can enter your facility, as well a providing a log of who is in the building. Access cards can be easily disabled upon termination of employment. In cases of emergency, system administrators can pull up a log of who entered and exited the building throughout the day, allowing law enforcement to create a head count of individuals inside.

High Resolution IP Cameras 

IP Cameras Can Be Accessed Remotely and Provide High-Res Detail

When there's trouble inside your workplace, you want law enforcement to see what's happening before they arrive. With permission, officers can access cameras from their cell phones, and the cameras' high resolution video provides enough detail to clearly see faces, weapons, and other important details. 

Video Management Systems

Can Be Integrated with Law Enforcement Command Centers

Today's law enforcement is increasingly relying on centralized command centers that not only provide comprehensive situational awareness in emergencies, but also help coordinate their response. Owners of private surveillance systems can opt to grant access to the police in case of emergencies, thereby optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the response team.

How Can You Become More Prepared?

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