Endicott College

A+ Technology & Security Earns High Honors from Endicott College 


When Endicott College sought to upgrade its video surveillance system, it turned to the expertise of New York based A+ Technology & Security Solutions, Inc. Located just 20 miles north of Boston, Endicott's scenic campus is surrounded by sprawling lawns, lakes and shoreline, and spans some 235 acres, and houses 55 buildings and 30 residence halls, An active environment, Endicott houses roughly 2700 full time undergrad students, employs a staff of 800, has about 2400 grad school students, and welcomes 156,100 visitors per year.

Securing its students, staff and structures seemed a daunting task to Pam Droney, Director of Communication Technology at Endicott, who was put in charge of overseeing the project. Although managing a security upgrade was a bit out of her comfort zone, she knew that neighboring Gordon College had recently completed a video surveillance installation of its own. They invited Droney to take a firsthand look at their system, which was installed by A+ Technology & Security. "I was blown away," Droney says. Knowing that Endicott's old DVR system and equipment was becoming antiquated and that their security officers had to go back through old tapes to pinpoint any incidents, she took Gordon's strong recommendation to call upon A+ Technology & Security. She received the okay from Endicott to move ahead with the first phase of the upgrade - the evaluation.


undefinedAt Endicott's invitation, A+ Sales Engineer Brian Lauper and Business Development Executive Justin Parish visited the campus for the site evaluation. "They came up for a week and walked every inch of every building. They started with our new ice rink at the top of the campus and worked their way through every part of the campus. They learned our culture and needs, and came up with all the floor plans," Droney notes. "They pulled everything together, and under a very tight timeframe."


Parish explains that he and Lauper and A+ Project manager Joe Gervasio initially thought the
upgrade would be done a little at a time. "We were going to start with two buildings, their new ice rink and a large dorm," he says. "We gave our presentation and overall recommendations and Endicott decided to do the whole campus just like that. Dr. Richard Wylie, the President of the College, approved the entire project instantly," Parish reports. "The expansion was, to say the least, a significant one. Endicott went from a roughly 30 camera system to a 650 camera, $1.4 million upgrade."




When the Fall semester got underway at Endicott in September, so did the expansion project. The
 A+ Project Management team and its crews lived on campus four days a week, running cable, and positioning, installing and programming cameras based on their floor plan diagrams for layout and square footage. Primarily, they went with AXIS cameras and several license-free cameras from IPVideo Corp.

A total of eight servers were put in place and, for Endicott's Video Management System, A+ installed the Sentry VMS from IPVideo Corp. for its efficiency, scalability, and ease of use.

The Sentry VMS has sophisticated, enterprise-class video management capabilities, all accessible through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. "The Sentry VMS software is preloaded onto the hardware, and provides totally scalable network video management solutions," Parish notes. "It was the ideal choice for Endicott's extensive needs, as every inch of their campus has coverage."


A+ constructed the Command Center in the Dispatch Room of the Public Safety office. It's comprised of one 42" monitor and three 22" monitors, and is overseen by the Public Safety team. The Director of Public Safety has access, and the second in command and two lieutenants also have coverage. "There are two buildings where the students need more privacy so only I and the Chief can access those cameras, if needed," Droney notes. "We've very diligent in trying to make sure privacies are respected and that we're not intruding on people." In terms of staff, Droney points out that the law prohibits putting cameras in people's private offices, but that the Bursar's Office, where people are coming and going with money, is under surveillance.undefined

The entire upgrade was done within four months time and, now that it's completed. Droney reports that the installation has improved the level of security and safety on campus greatly. "The "The Public Safety team is loving all the cameras because they're cutting down on incidents across the campus. People know that the cameras are all over the campus, and that there's footage. It's really had a positive effect, not only in decreasing incidents but also increasing our overall sense of security throughout the entire campus."


Droney adds that, just as Gordon College recommended A+ to her, she would recommend the services of A+ Technology & Security to other colleges and universities, as well. "Absolutely, I'd recommend them highly," she states. "They're diligent and followed through on everything they said they would do. They're professional, thorough, and made the transition very easy for us at Endicott. Their install was effortless from our perspective," she adds. "But I'm sure it was not from theirs, because we have some very old buildings, so camera placement had its challenges. I'd recommend them highly and I have."

Endicott College will add more cameras as they add more buildings. "We're planning a new building soon, and A+ will be back," Droney says. "We also have a small campus in Boston and, although the initial plan was to hire guards, we've decided to have A+ install a video surveillance system there, as well. They do fabulous work."undefined



  • IPVideo Corp. A34 3mp cameras (interior)
  • Axis P3367-ve 5mp Cameras
  • Axis P3365-ve 2mp Cameras
  • Axis P3365-v 2mp cameras (interior)


  • IPVideo Corp. SENTRY VMS Database 4TB 1U RAID1
  • IPVideo Corp. SENTRY VMS ENTERPRISE 48TB 3U RAID1 - 6TB Drives
  • IPVideo Corp. SENTRY VMS 1 ENTERPRISE 12TB 3U RAID1 - 4TB Drives